BEAM By EyeClick - Interactive Gaming Projector System

Unlock the magic of BEAM

An award-winning interactive game system will take your customer experience to a whole new level

BEAM is a virtual playground that instantly enhances the customer experience at your business with endless fun, excitement, entertainment and engagement.

Let the magic of BEAM meet the reality of your business

Imagine converting your floor or table into a virtual playground - now imagine doing it with without additional staff, extra clean-up or added maintenance. That is BEAM, a motion-sensing projection game system that will please even your pickiest customers.

People everywhere are beaming with BEAM

BEAM is an award-winning, interactive projection game system that will certainly wow your customers!


The BEAM Experience

Watch, as you turn your open floor space or table into the world’s largest interactive tablet. This highly-engaging projection system uses an innovative 3D motion sensor that responds to touch and provides your customers with a completely unique and satisfying interactive experience.

Building Loyalty

88% of parents prefer businesses with the BEAM experience because of the fun and excitement it gives their children and happy parents mean happy customers.

Innovating Experiences

Whether your business is therapeutic, educational or strictly fun, BEAM compliments your business to create an amazing customer experience.

Creating Engagement

In the era of swipe and tap, keep your customers active and moving, while providing an interactive gaming experience to satisfy even your finicky customers.


  • "Our primary goals here at Cool Springz Trampoline Park are fun, family and fitness and BEAM hits all three right on the nose!"

    Robert Protney, Owner
    Cool Springz Trampoline Park

    The Cool Springz Trampoline Park customers enjoys the benefits from the BEAM interactive projection game system
  • "It’s a competitive advantage. The kids love it and the parents love it, and it’s just a good way to use your indoor space."

    Ashley Pax, Owner
    Ashley's Playhouse

    Ashley's Playhouse boost the customer experience using the BEAM interactive projection game system
  • "We save money on staffing because BEAM doesn’t need to be monitored and the games are so intuitive."

    Eric Buckner, Manager
    10 Fitness

    While parents are physically active in the gym, their kids are physically active in the kids zone playing BEAM, the interactive projection game system
  • "We didn’t realize how big of a hit it was going to be, especially with smaller children"

    Dr. Terri Hubbard, Dentist
    Coastal Pediatric Dentistry

    The patients at are excited for their appointments at Coastal Pediatric Dentistry and the BEAM interactive game system.

The BEAM Difference

When you’re a BEAM customer, you don’t have to worry about a thing. BEAM is easy to install, simple to run, requires no cleaning and has nothing to take or break. Plus it’s our pleasure to provide you with the customer service experience that you expect and deserve each and every time you call. You’re always a new customer when you’re one of our customers. Contact us today to get started.

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